Services we provide
You say jump, we say how high!
We only do what you want us to do, we will explain everything, nothing is hidden from Our customers

Car Service
Change Oil and Filter, to ensures engine is protected from wear and deposit build-up. Replace spark plugs and air filter
Check braking system, top up brake fluid or change completely
Check Exhaust system - complete system, secure, check for serious leaks and and make sure silences effectively

Welding Repairs to chase frame, panels and exhausts

Wheel and Tyres:
Wheel alignment or Tracking
Incorrect alignment can result in rapid irregular tyre wear

When a wheel become out of balance generally produce a vibration which could results in premature wearing of suspension and steering components, rotating parts and the tyres

Removing old tyres and fitting new ones,

We can get powered coating done
High quality power coating services, we remove the items clean them up, send them away and we will re-fit and make sure everything is 100%

Large Stock
We hold some of the largest stocks in the area, although we can't always keep everything. In the unlikely event of us not having your requirement, we can normally obtain in the next day or sooner. Specific items can be held in stock by arrangement, simply Call or Email see contacts page for more details

Vehicle recovery
We can recover almost any type of vehicle, from car to van. We can bring them back to our garage or another garage that you specify, we all ready help Mitchels and Bradwell Car Clinic, with fast response time and a 1st class service, for call out please phone

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