Aircon Re-Gas and Service at Ace Service Centre
Let our experienced mechanics in Great Yarmouth take a look at your car air conditioning.
How often should I check my Air Con? 

Your vehicle air conditioning should be serviced around every 18 months, according to most vehicle manufacturers but they do not include it within their service schedules.


Your car air conditioning will lose around 10% of it’s coolant every year reducing it’s efficiency.

You may need your Air Conditioning serviced if it shows any of these signs:

  1. Not cooling: if your air conditioning blows out hot air when it should be cold or no air at all

  2. Strange sounds when the air conditioning is on

  3. Water stains: water under your car after running your air conditioning is normal, however you should not see them in your car. If these are inside your vehicle, then you could have a leak

  4. Slow to cool: if your air conditioning takes a noticeably long period of time to cool

  5. Bad odour


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