Join us on our journey with Castrol

Ace Service Centre joins only a handful of garages to become your local trusted Castrol Service provider.

Norfolk's #1 Castrol Service centre is finally here. For more than a century, car owners worldwide have put their trust in the Castrol brand and its advanced engine oils. We're proud to have been chosen to be part of the Castrol network which places us as one of the best independent garages in the UK.

By choosing a Castrol Service Centre, you can expect to benefit from:

  • A friendly, professional and helpful team.

  • Expert car servicing

  • Upgraded Castrol motor oil to GTX, Magnatec and EDGE

  • Exceptional maintenance & repairs

  • Total commitment to quality and service

Quality and reliability guaranteed.

As a selected Castrol Service Centre, Ace customers can be safe in the knowledge that their vehicle is being serviced and repaired by a garage that has been in audited and certified against a variety of key standard operating procedures set by Castrol:

  • Workshop appearance

  • Process and transparency

  • Technical and equipment

  • Health, safety and environment

You will have access to a range of offers that are exclusive to certified Castrol Service Centres, including

  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY on your engine when used with CASTROL oil

  • All the benefits of using Castrol's technologically advanced engine oils

On top of this, our EUROREPAR parts offer 2 YEARS WARRANTY, making our garage one-of-a-kind and hard to beat. Stay tuned as we roll out everything that our Castrol partnership has to offer.

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